"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Some Thoughts

      There are so many rules, expectations & limitations; so much judgement, criticism & disapproval rampant in our societies. This splendid, spinning, water-planet is host to thousands of distinct cultures, each filled to brimming over with its own rites & traditions, customs, prohibitions, and rituals as well as the consequences for stepping out of the prescribed dance. These are customs created over time for their survival value, their reproductive value, for the sake of peace, for the sake of health, for the sake of power.

      Religious beliefs and practices seem to hold a powerful sway in many of these things.
Pressures are put on those of all ages, genders & persuasions to pay attention to the
way things have been done in previous generations and to follow suit (these are acceptable and those are not) while in actuality those customs and practices, not to mention the beliefs themselves, are constantly evolving, against fierce pressure from without and within. They are shifting, side-slipping, changing by slight variations over time. It happens. It has to and always will happen, for we are influenced by everything that we encounter and each of us is unique in our gifts and desires.

     No one year is exactly like the last. Conditions change, attitudes change, circumstances change, the availability of resources and options change, opinions change.  The characters at the center of the action change.
     This is what we do, all of us living on this particular turning bit of rock and water; we adapt in order to survive. Those who do not adapt do not survive for long. We venerate what has gone before. We remember and we try to glean the lessons from what has come to pass and the price paid for it. Yet the victors get to write the histories, placing themselves in the better light, always. Truth is manipulated, shaded, shaved, shut away at times.  It is good to stay alert and pay attention to the details. It is good to think your own thoughts and make honest decisions.
     Each living soul has its time in the sun; its turn to spin the wheel and make its choices, and none of us walks alone through our time. 

Every generation has its own lights which it must follow, and will. Those things which weigh down the ship or upset the balance of the craft will be adjusted and reexamined and sometimes the hand holding the rope will open, out of necessity, although against the will, letting go of what can no longer be held. What will you do with your time at the tiller?

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