"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, January 23, 2017

Warm Windy Winter Days

      Abbey, Maggie and I braved the Home and Garden show on Saturday.
 Bless us and save us! I am raising my right hand and taking the oath that I will never go again, because......IT MAKES ME CRAZY.  The effect is similar to what happens to me in a strong, ceaseless wind. I don't know if it's the sound, so many people talking all at once in a gigantic building, or if it's all that stuff: hot tubs, stonework, flooring, trees, sheds, beds, tile and counter tops, windows, storm shelters, and everything else you could possibly imagine. All of it permeated with a fragrance which can only be called "county fair". You know what I'm talking about: funnel cakes, nachos, cinnamon rolls, cotton candy, turkey legs, and corn-dogs that are delicious in your mouth but make you want to throw up two minutes after you're done eating them.
    All of that swirled together and tossed up into a roaring wind. Yes, The Blessed Wind decided to grace us with its presence again.  Add to that the fact that I forgot to lace on my hiking boots and instead, slipped into the car wearing only my house mocs. Debra Lea, Debra Lea, will you never learn to pay attention to the details. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I may still have been on an adrenalin high from participating in the Women's March on OKC the day before. 
     I did get some ideas on counter tops and flooring at the Home Show, and today I brought flooring samples home from Enid to see what they looked like in mi casa.  I'll       decide tomorrow morning which one I like the best. I'm in a deciding mood this week.

      Pics and thoughts on the Women's March are coming soon. There is much to tell and I want to do it justice. The marches all over the world on Saturday were very moving to me; a great feeling of unity with women everywhere. I've had many women ask me why we marched, what it accomplished. I'll try to explain.  It has layers of answers and I hope I am able to explain it clearly for all of you. My one request will be that you agree to set aside what you already think/feel about it and read with an open mind and heart.

     This afternoon I took a wander with the cats down through the big woods. The beavers have been at it again, tearing things down and more big (huge) branches have fallen out of the Grandfather Cottonwoods. Disconcerting...no, heartbreaking to me.  Here is a picture of me down in the woods, as the sun was beginning to set. The light was lovely there. (Look, after only six and a half years the sadness has lifted from my eyes! (most of the time. Hooray! Hurrah!) We need the crew to go down there and do a little cleaning up and stacking of wood for the fire pit one of these days when everyone returns to the farm. I am also going to need some help with restoring the gardens and paths, thanks to the destruction techniques of the chickens. I'll have the rakes, wheel barrows, and the mulch and it shouldn't take too long.




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