"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Weather

January 8th..Monday
     Weather forecasts call for more of this heading our way soon.  Already the wind howls outside my window, filling me with gratitude for this place of warmth and shelter.  My daughter is generous with her home and this extra room which I call my own. Although we have passed the Winter Solstice and extra minutes are added to the light of each day, thus far I haven't noticed much of a shift.  The winter birds flit about the feeders early most mornings.  The cats are warm inside thick, black fur from nose to foot.  Their green eyes shine up at me as I emerge from the house, swaddled in layers for warmth, with only my eyes showing. They don't know me right away, poor dears.
     I am outside, trying to find a wild thing out and about in the winter weather; something other than myself and the cats. There are plenty of tracks; rabbit, bird and mouse, cat, dog and coyote, and farther into the wood, turkey tracks and the prim scuff and stamp of deer, large and small.  No snakes, of course, in these temperatures.  The bees are all shut inside, warming the honey with their own body heat.  They will fly free the next warm, sunny day. 

January 12...
    The above was written a few days ago and never posted.  I haven't written lately; my apologies.
  Tonight the sky is blue-gray and smells of ice. It is bitter cold and there is no wind at all.  The soothsayers are predicting a big ice storm, which usually means a loss of power somewhere along the line because the weight of ice on power lines pulls them down. 
     I have a propane stove so am warm even if the electricity goes off for awhile.  I love being without electric lights, as lamplight is so softly generous.  We'll see.  I could have driven to the City and stayed with my children...but I chose to stay here in my own space; keeping an eye on things, reading some favorite books, writing...writing with a pencil on paper if need be.
     I like to write in pencil, although I usually don't, because writing on a keyboard is so much more efficient. The problem is this; when I write in pencil, I have to write so fast that I can not then read my own handwriting. *sigh* I know, I know; you're preaching to the choir, folks.  Also (and I am ashamed to bring this up, in a way) my forearms get tired when I write with a pencil; my hands get tired. Ha. How ridiculous (but true)!  I prefer the keyboard now, especially for its ease in the rewrite, the edit.  I'm rambling, simply visiting with you guys, my favorite people.

      I put out food for the birds earlier in the day and made a sheltered spot for the cats. (Yes, Christal, I'll let them inside to spend the night in the laundry room. I'm not completely heartless. : ) The cows in the pastures have begun to birth their calves already. I feel sorry for them in the ice to come, but the other cows will stay close to the little ones, giving them warmth. This beautiful picture of the horse in snow is for my little Maggie, who loves horses as much as I do.
     I have everything I need: books, a piano, a guitar, paper and a pen, a puzzle, warmth and water. Those are the essentials for my happiness.....ooooohh, well... a friend to share all that with would be nice, but apparently not this time. My very best-friend-ever is always here with me, now that he has jumped to the next plane of existence, and my other friends are all far, far away from this place.  They will call to check on me, as they always do.  I am incredibly blessed by those who love me. Thank you so much for your love and loyalty; you are family to me. You know that.  I think it's funny that you don't know each other after all this time.  

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