"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Catching Up With Friends

    Sorry I have been off-blog for a bit. I've been busy moving the furniture, literally and figuratively.  I'm having some work done on on the kitchen at the farm because...well, because my cabinets were...no exaggeration..falling off the walls..and apart. Work has begun, decisions have been made (who knew there were so many decisions to make?). Here is a pic of it at this time. The water leak, which I suspected was hiding beneath the floor of the sink, has been found and fixed. This week they put down the new floor and repainted, or started that part. I'm not there. I trust these guys because I've known them for a long time....and I know where they live.

      Too much dust and destruction for me, so I took to the skies and visited friends.  I don't do that often enough. I see that now. What was I waiting for?


 First stop was sunny Arizona where I spent some time with my friend Christal.  Her parents have recently moved in next door to her, which is handy for all of them, so we had supper with the neighbors, shared some wine in the evenings and caught up. 
       We hiked up and down the cactus- hidden trails. We sat in the sun and I coughed my way through my antibiotics.    I know: who goes to visit someone and takes along a cold? Not a cold, actually, but an asthma attack. I think it was brought on by hanging out in my house which was full of dust and mildew and mold from under the sink.   Anyway, Christal nursed me back to health, or most of the way there.  The Arizona landscapes demand some open-minded appreciation.  It is not a warm, fuzzy place, to say the least.  I can see how it can grow on you but, still, I wouldn't want to live there. She does though, so that's okay.

    Then I got back on the plane and flew farther west, this time to San Diego and the sea.  I have another friend from my college days who lives out there, right beside the ocean, if you can imagine that.  She took me down to the beach the very first evening and I fell in love with it. Oh my, my....so much power and beauty roaring toward you.  We went back again and again. I found that I could not get enough of it. 
       We also drove up into the mountains one day and found a quaint little bookshop which I loved.  Brenda, you would have loved it too!  I thought of you.
     But the best part of this trip was spending time with this friend from years ago.

 Have you ever lost a friend and then, miraculously, been able to find them again after years and years, decades, have gone by? That is what happened to us. There are a lot of things I dislike about Facebook but one good thing about it is that you can find people who have slipped away.    
     Marsha and I were soul-mates way back in my Tulsa University days and now I have found her again, and couldn't be happier. If you have any soul-mates you will know that time and distance do not alter your connection. What a joy. I loved spending this time with her.

                  Another place we went was to our sister Savory Spice store in Encinitas. Although they don't own the shop any longer, the two people who started this shop are two of the people we went through training with, out in Denver, before we opened the shop in OKC. 
     I walked through the doors and it smelled like home. I think I laughed out loud and was delighted to see how their shop was set up and to meet the young man who was working there.  Whenever Able or I travel, we always try to stop in and visit with the Savory folks wherever we are.  It's a family of sorts. We may not know them personally but we know exactly what's going on with them there, in the store.  I loved being there and breathing in the scent that is Savory Spice.  I miss the shop. Today I'm going down to work for a few hours, to reconnect with the crew and smile at the customers.  The Sunday folks are my favorites, you know.

     So, that's where I am right now.  I'm back in the Sooner State for a Yee-haw cowboy birthday party for little Rowan who is four years young, day after tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to hugging everybody here, listening to their stories and telling them my own. 

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