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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just The News

      Work continues on the kitchen, although this seems to be dragging on, for some reason.  Cabinets are in, primed and painted....almost; maybe they will be finished by the end of this day. It isn't that I miss my kitchen so much, I have 'made do' with boards placed here and there; and I DO have a stove and a refrigerator after all. I miss the order in the other rooms as well, the rooms which are full of the furniture from the dining room and the 'stuff' from the kitchen. (How did I come to own so much kitchen stuff, for heaven's sake? Ridiculous. I am not putting all of that back into these new cabinets.)
     I have already reclaimed the living room from the clutches of Chaos. The library is back in its spot, although completely without any rational (or irrational) order to the books. That means the Starry bedroom is beginning to show itself again.
     I am sitting  on the porch swing to write because out here everything is in its proper place, as always.  Greening wheat fields roll toward the horizon, now that people have taken their cattle off the wheat pasture for the year.  What we need now is rain to bring it into the head and ripen it for harvest.  It will soon be April and May, the tornado months. Let the games begin.
       Oh! Did I tell you the tulips and daffodils were nodding their lovely heads above green grass and all the trees (except the old Mulberry) are bearing seeds or leaf buds? The peach has bloomed and faded and so far has avoided the frost. We'll see what happens in the next month. The Red Buds are smudging the air pink in the tree-row. It is 84 degrees today, March 20th. I can't decide whether to be happy or alarmed about that.
     It would be a short hop from 84 degrees in March to 102 on Memorial Day. I've seen it happen more than once and have no wish to go back there. Well, if it's another searing summer, at least I'll have a nice kitchen to putter around in while I hide from the sun. All winter we have waited for the rains that haven't come; same song on repeat. The re-mulch has begun in the prayer garden in an attempt to restore the paths to their 'pre-chicken' levels. The chickens managed to dig holes everywhere last year, gobbling up every bug that had been hiding under the mulch and fabric and making the paths rough as a cob, not somewhere you could wander through and relax.
    Why do I blog about this stuff? There is no reason in the world anyone should or would care to know this blather. I'm finished.

      That was a few days ago. I forgot I had written anything and went about my business.  In baby news: No, Audra has not delivered her little boy yet. If she doesn't go into labor before then, she will have it on Wednesday, March 29th.  She is more than ready to have her body back and to have this little boy in her arms.  Soon.
     Able and Alice, Audra and Rowan, and I got to have lunch with Cousin Jessie today. Hooray! Jess was beautiful and bubbly, as always, and we talked about her many travels and my trip to Hawaii. She is a delight. I need to go over to Dad's while she is there visiting and give her Jingleboy so he can go with her on her trip to Japan in a couple of weeks. His worldwide travels continue. I need to slip him into a suitcase the next time Rachael and Dan go to Romania.
    I have no news, sadly; no chicken massacres, no ice storms, no skunk adventures...nothing except Springtime on the prairie, gorgeous sunsets and starry nights, cat-fights on the front porch in the dead of night, and the howling of coyotes as they hunt up and down the creek.
      My friend Marsha is staying at the farm for a bit and I think the noise of the wildlife along the creek and in the fields unnerves her a little; that and the quiet.  For most people who come to the farm from large cities the solitude and the silence is a big adjustment...and then the owls will begin hooting and the coyotes will call and yip as they move about, and some wild thing will scream out its last cry for help.  It's different but you get used to it.  She is on retreat, needing time alone in a safe place. Danny and I always wished our place to be such a space; a place of sanctuary and peace.  (That being said, the presence of the carpenters during the daytime is not so restful.  SURELY they will soon be done. From my mouth to God's ears, as they say.)
     That is enough news for one post. I'm off to hear the symphony with Maril, a dear friend from my high school days. TTFN

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