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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Going Out Like A Lion

    April in Oklahoma = strong straight winds, thunder, lightning, hail, flooding and...(wait for it, wait for it, wait.).....TORNADOES. We are currently in the middle of just such a night. I am in the City, waiting to be on grandma duty. Tomorrow Audra is scheduled to have her third baby, another little boy, and it's ironic that Audra herself tried to be born on a night exactly like this. Here is the story, for posterity:
      We were staying over at Violette's house, across the creek, like we always did when the big rains came.  After lots of contractions and my trying to ignore them, I decided to speak up and suggested we might try to head to the hospital, unless Danny wanted to deliver this one on the kitchen table.
        We splashed our way through the blowing rain to the car and drove like maniacs toward Waukomis.  We were wanting to get to Okeene and my dad (my physician), but the roads were flooded both ways, so we started for Enid. 
     We were pulled over by the police in Waukomis, of course, and once he saw that I was in labor, he gave us a lights and siren escort to the hospital in Enid.  I know, who actually gets to do that??? We made our way to the elevator and rode it up to the delivery floor. When the door opened, there stood my good friend Gretchen Sweeney, an obstetric nurse.  Her first words were (and I quote): No. You get right back on that elevator; you are not having that baby tonight. 
    I informed her that I was pretty sure I was and waddled onto the floor.  It turns out they had already delivered 13 babies that afternoon and evening and were out of beds.  Ha!  They checked me out and told me to sit tight while they tried to find me a room. About that time, Gretchen stuck her head back around the corner and said: It's not happening. Don't get too cozy. I'm going home.
     Audra actually was due that day, May 12th, my Grandma Melton's birthday, but the labor stopped and we went back home. (I think it would have been wonderful for her to have been born that day, but no, we wouldn't have named her Harriet in any case, sorry, but Stormie might have worked. )  Audra repeated that false alarm drill twice more, to the point that I was certain I would be pregnant with her forever, but she was born and is now awaiting the birth of her last little boy, as I said.
    I think it's oddly hilarious that she is now going to have her own baby on a rainy, stormy night (or tomorrow, which is forecast to also be stormy); I'm sure she doesn't see any humor in it, especially since the lights are flickering and we may soon be on the lamp (her personal hell). What goes round, comes round, as they say.  Speaking of Deja Vu moments: the day before yesterday Audie and I found ourselves bent over a bathroom sink, washing blood out of Maggie's hair, trying to find the location of the injury (she'd been hit on the head by a board) and both of us realized we had been there before; when she was three and a half years young and had taken a header off the bridge abutment.  History just keeps repeating itself around here. "Ain't life grand!" 
      Marsha is at the farm, alone, during all this weather bluster and banging. That hardly seems fair, in that she isn't even from Oklahoma.  She sent me a text a while ago: The rain is blowing sideways, something glass broke on the porch and pieces of wood and a cat have flown past the window.  (Sounded pretty normal to me)  I advised her to get out of the room with all the windows, go to the center of the house and find a closet to hunker down in...preferable with a pillow or two and a bicycle helmet...if she could find one...and her phone. She'll be fine. For many years she worked Disaster Relief for the Red Cross so I'm pretty sure she knows what to do.
     Guess what?! (Why is there not a key for the Interrobang on the keyboard? You know it, the punctuation mark that is a combination between a question mark and an exclamation point. Ridiculous.)  My Wisteria was able to bloom this year, for the first time in four years. Hooray! Hurrah! Yippee! Huzzah!  Well done, good and faithful servant.
      This week I have been in the City a lot, helping Audra some, since she was in pain and terribly uncomfortable.  One evening we all went to our first Blue and Gold Banquet with Zane's Cub Scout troop.  He was a Lion this year and earned his Tiger badge for next year. A good time was had by all....for all three hours of the banquet. 

    We also experienced a plumbing problem or two at the Richards' house this week. Regrettably, one of them managed to leak into the...no, pour into, the cabinet where Abbey's scrapbooks were stored.  Ouch! M, E and I worked hard at setting up the drying station for the wettest pages, in the hopes of saving some of them.  (Brent, Abbey and B were off attending the end of the year banquet for B's swim team. ...'tis the season to have banquets, as you know.) Thank goodness this family is deeply invested in Legos of all stripes and probably has more Legos and Duplos than anywhere else, because we used all the Duplo blocks, people, circus animals and cars making these dandy drying stands and holding pages apart to dry.
Cool huh.

I think most of the pictures and pages could be saved. 
    I'm off to beddybye. I have to be up by 3:45 to go over and watch Audie's other kids and get them to school tomorrow while she does all the hard work.  Hopefully we can greet little baby T.....ooops  ....that's her news.  I'll let you know.

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