"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April Showers And All That

A windy Sunday afternoon, moving big trash, things I haven't had the means to transport before now.  Into the huge remodel dumpster everything goes; wood, hose, boxes, everything I can manage to hoist up over the edge. It feels fantastic to have it gone.
In the process of removing the rotting redwood pieces I found two snakes; the first two of the season. I wish my little snake expert had been here. He would have loved it because it is still a little cool and they weren't moving too quickly. 
     I think I have spotted a tiny tomato plant or two, up already. It seems a little early to me but what do I know about the right time for tomato seeds to germinate? Nothing. I'm not a tomato.  I haven't yet seen any volunteer squash plants, so I am holding off on planting those guys. I believe bean seeds would be okay though.  Actually...(Let me be honest)..I haven't planted a single vegetable this spring. I have volunteer potatoes and onions up in the gardens and the peaches and pear trees have bloomed, but I haven't planted anything here at the farm; the first year ever.
Oh well, times change, priorities change. Now I care for my beautiful grandchildren and have little time left over for vegetables. There is always the farmers market.

Mockingbird, my favorite,
high on your singing branch,
you and the doves spread
your watercolor music,
like magic over the prairie.

Lilacs cluster, purple on green,
Tulips of every hue huddle
in groups along pathways,
Iris dance the Seven Veils
as April winds rush by.

This fair season has come
so quickly this year; I can
hardly believe my eyes.
Winter is well past and
already the Dipper is tipped.

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