"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Sunday, April 9, 2017



Okay, I know.  I know, but I can't seem to work through this to the other side. I'm not sure why, but I have an idea or two.  My house is still in chaos after the remodel (which is not finished, by the way), although I spend much of every day I am here at the farm putting things back into their places, cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning again, opening the windows so the paint fumes can be blown away.
      I keep getting these splitting headaches. 
     There is much that needs doing in the gardens, nothing huge, just the normal spring cleaning types of things.  But there is enough of it that it immobilizes me. I don't know where to start because it all needs doing at the same time. I do nothing. Well, I did manage to mow the grass and weeds around the house today; that's something, I guess.
      I come inside and clean and organize some more and I sit here and try to write something worthwhile, something that has some meat to it...or at least something that has some meter to it and some rhythm AND it might also have something important or beautiful to say; something that needs speaking into the air of this time. 
    It doesn't happen.  I sit here and it doesn't happen. I sat down last night and started writing whatever came tumbling out of my head, and it turned into an end of the world scenario that I will never publish anywhere.  Doomsday. Jesus! 

    I'm so disappointed by what I see happening in this new administration in D.C.  I am disappointed and disgusted and incredulous at what is happening, and failing to happen, in the legislature of our own state.  We elected these people? How did that happen? We call, write, email their offices, wecall again, voicing our concerns. We go to the state capital and talk to legislators and sit in the gallery and listen to the debate (during which, by the way, most of the chairs on the floor are empty. They aren't listening because their minds have already been made up.  They have been told how to vote and they will do just that. )  When one of my daughters called Senator Inhoff's office with her concerns, she was told that the senator didn't care what his constituents thought. It didn't matter to him where The People stood on the issue.  It matters to him where the Party stands on the issues and that's it.  When did congress stop talking and compromising and hammering out deals?
      My dad says not to get into an uproar about it, that America will get through this as it has gotten through so many other things. The thing that bothers me at this particular crossroads in history is that the people on both sides of the issues are adamant that THEY are the patriots, THEY are trying to save their country, their dear-to-their-heart country. Both sides and saying this same thing, but each one sees the picture in complete opposition to each other.     *sigh*
      I think this is why I can't write; why I sit here every day and twiddle my fingers on the keys and nothing happens. I don't know, I don't see a way out of this, apart from a huge national disaster of some sort......and I don't want that to happen.
    So.....there it is.  I'll keep trying, but right now I guess I'll go wash the ceiling fans and try to save the piano from the dust. (I know Ann, nothing that has had any oil on it. I remember. I'll be careful.) Goodnight. 

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