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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Spring and Baby News

 One of my grandsons said it perfectly, the other day. Walking out the south door, at the farm, he stood at the top of the steps, opened both arms wide, breathed in, and said,
"Ah, the smell of Spring at the farm."  Ahhhhh indeed. The air is fragrant with the scent of new grass and lilacs, with a hint of yellow and orange Tulips and a couple of early Iris.  Guess what! We have tiny green peaches still hanging on the tree, despite the cold nights of late. This could be a peachy summer. It's still a little early to begin banging the drums.

    The often-frosted Wisteria has changed its battle plan this year. Instead of sending out the entire unit for the traditional BURST of lavender blossoms, it has taken to sending out smaller groups of blooms in stealth forays into the frosty mornings.  Good thinking, I say.

(I might mentions, as an aside, that the Lilacs are having none of that foolishness. They throw everything they have at this month, BLOOM-BLOOM-BLOOM-BLOOM-BLOOM, and then they're finished for the year and can pull out their lounge chairs and watch the rest of the garden show at their ease.)

     We had our first big thunderstorm of the season last week, complete with strong straight winds that, once again, knocked the porch table off its feet and sent the family of candle worshipers flying.  Their numbers are down to the final three, two of whom have some nasty disabilities from previous storm damage.
        I'm thinking of having some sort of ritual today and returning the lot of them to the earth. They've been through so much....maybe it's time to say goodbye. (OR I could remember to move them before big storms. As if that's going to happen.)  
   We'll see, as my mom used to say...when she really meant, 'don't hold your breath, sweetie pie', it isn't going to happen.

   Our biggest news is that Audra and Zach's third little boy was born this week in OKC. He is adorable and looks exactly like his two big brothers did the day they were born. This particular family of Korenaks only has the one mold of newborn look.  Later on, the boys grow into their own faces but they all begin looking the same.  The stats: Thatcher Valentine, March 29th,  21 1/4 ", 8 lbs 12 oz, ten fingers, ten toes, a well functioning heart, big blue eyes and, we assume, blonde hair. Cute as the proverbial button. 



 Here is the picture that tugs at the heart of every mother of more than one child.  The previous baby leaning in to see what the new kid is all about and the mother leaning to give him the kiss that says-
  --Oh sweetie, you're still my baby too, don't worry,
I still love you to the moon and back.---


There you have it: New life coming on strong from all sides. Love abounds!  The world turns and we get another chance.
                             Happy Spring!

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