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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring News At The Farm

I love that I have friends who call me on the phone to say :
        Go outside and look at the moon!  or Step outside and look at the stars; wow!
Now those are people who understand my heart. Marsh and I took a blanket out to do some stargazing the other night and came to the quick conclusion that what I really need are a some chaise lounge chairs...with cushions no less. That ground was hard as a rock and I'm too old for that. It takes all the fun out of star-gazing.
        Spring is definitely here now; I plan on setting out a tomato plant or two this week-end in celebration of the fact. Perhaps I'll hand each of my grand-kids a big bell and have them parade around the gardens, ringing to their hearts content; to wake the frogs and toads, don't ya know.  As long as I'm having people out to the farm, I might as well put them to work. 
      I'm thinking squash, beets, carrots, green and yellow wax beans, and tomatoes for the plantings. We missed the peas and broccoli window and it may be pushing things for the beets and carrots but I'm going to give it the old college try.   I actually have one little scraggly cherry tomato up already ( yours, Annie) but I need to plant at least one plant of the larger size. I have saved a curving section of the front landscaping for vegetables this year and think it should work fine because it is on the lower section where the soil is good.
    All the little scraggly Iris plants plants they sent me in November (!) are greening up and looking good, much to my surprise. We'll mulch those a little bit this week-end as well, and reapply mulch to the prayer garden plots; I Preened them yesterday, to help control the 'volunteers'.  Maggie's wood is beautiful during this time of the year; the spring grasses and flowers are soft and just beginning to grow and the Johnson Grass hasn't yet started its climb skyward.

     I'm trying very hard to stay out of Atwoods so we don't end up with Chickens again. I talk a good game but I know how much the grandkids love chickens.  I just hate them tearing my gardens to pieces all summer and pooping all over my porch...the chickens, not the grandkids. Maybe I just had too many last year, ending up with 10 instead of 4, which is a much more reasonable number.  We'll see. I realize that kids only love chickens for a very few years and I hate to be the Bah Humbug type in refusing them some innocent fun.
    This day feels kind of...what I call 'frothy', meaning it feels like the weather is swirling toward some thunderstorms again soon. I hope so. I haven't yet had the chance to sit on the porch and watch/feel a thunderstorm blowing and crashing across the fields.  Speaking of high winds, push has come to shove on calling that Arborist to trim the big Elm tree south of the porch.  There is so much dead wood in there now that I'm afraid limbs will start to fall on people or on the porch roof soon.
   What? You want to see pictures of the remodeled kitchen? Not. Yet. (To quote G.W.)
Everything is done and cleaned up and put into its proper place but we have no counter-tops due to a family emergency of the lady who makes and installs them and the back-splash. I'm thinking May...early May. I don't want to send you pics with my current plywood counter-tops because it ruins the effect.


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