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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Earth Wobbling

Yes, in case you were wondering, there were Sun Spots, actual Earth Wobbling (this has been recorded), and attacks by vicious Knids today.  Wow. However, by some gift of the gods, there were no earthquakes that knocked our houses down around our ears, TBW was not howling up or down the Plains, we were not struck by a tornado and carried away to OZ or other distant places, no one I know was hit by a truck...or a train, and so far we aren't trading nukes with North Korea. I'm counting today as a win.
    That being said, there are several of us in this family who are among the walking wounded in one way or another. Thank God for modern medicine and antibiotics! I'm heading to Urgent Care tomorrow for my own slip of paper  with an illegible scrawl at the bottom that will entitle me to some of the magic to help with the ears and sinus problems.
    In good news:   
       Today I had lunch with a friend I haven't seen since early February. We had a great time; lots of laughter and talk about books and writing.  I look forward to seeing her again soon. Then I got to spend the afternoon with the two younger Korenak boys and then played a little baseball in the backyard with Z and R once the mighty Kindergartener stepped off the bus; nothin' like snagging a few grounders and catching some high fly balls to aggravate an already aggravated hamstring.  "I'm just a girl who can't say no.." to quote Rogers and Hammerstein. I was informed that I'm not very good at baseball. Right. I already knew that, but he sent me out there with a glove and I did my best. (Mostly I was trying to keep his little brother from getting hit in the head with the ball. In that respect, I was successful. He wore a helmet, which helped.)
      Tomorrow is another one.
I really want to write for a while tonight but I hurt in so many places and am so ridiculously tired, I'm just going to drag myself up the stairs, turn off my phone, and crawl into my bed.
     Oh. The kitchen is finally finished and looks gorgeous. I love it. I don't really understand why it had to take this long to get everything pulled together but it's over and I'm happy.
   Do you know why this picture makes me so happy?  It is because the tree is finally tall enough to shade all the center part, making it wonderfully cool and peaceful there.  Yay!!! (P.S. I fixed both fountain pumps a few days ago. BOOM!)

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.


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