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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Flowers for Mother's Day


                                                                                            Last Spring, Abbey, M. and I visited the Iris Gardens at Will Rogers Park in OKC. You might remember these lovely pics.
       I was astounded by the many, many colors and combinations of colorsI had never seen. I couldn't look long enough, and ended up taking two other friends to visit them in the following week. I missed the day in July where they sell pieces of the different kinds to the public (!?), so I went online and ordered ten or twelve new ones for myself, dug a new garden for them, and tucked them in in November.
    Some of them are blooming this year and I am loving the surprise of stepping out into the garden every morning to see what new beauty awaits me there.
     Here is another one that is new to my gardens this year. This little guy is from my mother's garden and was carried back to the farm in my pocket. I know Mom is delighted to see it blooming here in the prayer garden.  (I am kind of taken with the miniature Iris this year for some reason.)
     This collage is made of four varieties that are new to my gardens. There are others and will be even more next year when they are a year older and more settled into the garden. Yes, that is another tiny little guy in the bottom right square. Isn't he adorable!

     Oh wait, there's one more new one I need to show you. I have had the smaller size of this one several times in the past but only now have the full sized one. Okay, I'll stop now.

    Mother's Day happened out here at the farm.  Audra's family came out and played all day Saturday and helped me plant their flower gifts. We had our traditional Mother's Day Snake Hunt and caught two nice sized Brown Rat Snakes. Since the hunters had sustained bites last time around, I purchased two pair of gloves with thick, up to the elbow cuffs on them for the hunters.  They worked like a charm and, even though the snakes struck at Big Z and Little Z, they were safe inside the gloves.  We decided to catch and release the snakes going forward so they could remain in their natural habitat. We had been releasing them in the yard and letting them find their own way to some new home.  This is better. 
     We saw lots of frogs jumping into the pond this time but didn't catch a single one. We did practice rock-skipping while we were there and returned later that day for some shallow water swimming/wading. Yes, that's baby T in the baby sling. It was his first snake hunt ever! I'm sure it won't be his last. We had another cookout in the evening, complete with s'mores.  Z is getting pretty good at cooking hot dogs and mallows.

    On Sunday we loaded up and headed to the family cabin near Ames for a visit with Able, Kari and baby A.  The boys insisted on going swimming, even though the water was freezing cold, and Uncle Able officially opened the swimming season with his traditional back-flip off the dock.  Both boys practiced their diving and cannonball technique until they turned blue and were forced to get out and warm up. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures while we were there, but we'll all be back several times this summer so I'll get some then.
     Great Grandpa Dotter stopped by in the late afternoon and had a nice visit all around.
The lake is 'way up', as we say around here. It is very nearly to the top of the dock for once, due to all the nice rain we have been getting.  We are expecting more thunderboomers tomorrow evening and on through the week-end.  It's May and that's what we do here in May. Sadly, Brent and Abbey's family couldn't come up this year because Brent currently has an illness that both makes him miserable most of the time and keeps him from being around infants. We missed seeing them and the cousins missed their playmates a ton. Soon they can come out...I hope. We'll see.

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