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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Harvest 2017

I miss being in the swirl that is wheat harvest.  That's the truth; there is a lot of adrenalin involved, as well as camaraderie, chaff and dirt in the face, sweaty days, and long hours sitting in the field waiting for the combines to circle back around to the trucks.  I tried to catch it on video this year but every time I was free to video, all the machines were on the far side of the field.  I finally took JB across the road to where LP's truck was sitting full to the brim with golden wheat, plopped JB in and took a shot.  Beggars can't be choosers.

    Oh, and here is one of him on the square-baler, just for laughs.

And then this one.  We were almost back to the house and he suddenly wanted to do some crowd surfing on the rose bush. He is missing his brother, I think, and also in need of some personal attention; the poor little guy.  (Cousin Jess: How is Jingleboy? Are you getting ready to travel again? Keep him with you if you are, but send him on home if you're going to be in the States for awhile. Thanks. I half expected him to jump out of your mother's luggage when she was here last week.)
     There you have it. It is not the first blog post dedicated to a small toy pretending to be a real live boy.

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