"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nothing New Under The Sun

                                                  My female cat, Sweetie
                 In my prayer garden there are four curved flower beds full of a glorious mix of plants and colors.  I welcome diversity, always.  But there are two plants which are pulled out mercilessly, as often as they are spotted. One of them is one of the few plants to actually sport true blue flowers, which I love, of course.  The other is a dainty little light green climbing vine with heart shaped flowers and beautiful tendrils. Why, you may ask, am I so dead-set on ripping them out the earth and tossing them on the compost?
    Because they won't leave well enough alone.  They do not play well with others.  They take over everything they touch and either strangle the plant from above or poison the earth below. They have allowed themselves to become a nuisance and have given up their rights and freedoms as a result.

     There is also a wild cat that has been hanging around for a few months. He was dropped off by someone because they were tired of him. (A drive-by catting) I hesitated to chase him away in the beginning because he is black and white, as are my two current cats.  I thought they might make friends and welcome him into the clan with the secret handshake and a password known only to black and white cats. But, no! They don't like him; have never liked him.  They have chased him away on multiple occasions, but he returns. Lately, the story has taken a turn of sorts.  The wild cat (let's call him Zumba) has begun fighting with my two cats.  It turns out Zumba is one helluva fighter and most nights, the silence is broken by the screams and hissing of a genu-ine, scare you right out of your sleep, cat fight.  When I go out in the morning there is black and white fur all over the porch.  My cats are showing some battle scars and are jumpy as hell. Zumba is taking them to the park!  Unbelievable.
       Therefore, I have been doing some target practice with the rifle and hope to run him off before push comes to shove (or to Piuwww!) and I have to actually drop him where he stands some morning. 

Why can't we all just get along?
Why can't they live together without bullying each other out of the opportunities for light and food.  That is your spot, this is my spot. I won't crowd you and you don't crowd me. How difficult is that?  There really is enough food, water, and sunlight for all of us. Seriously!

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