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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Doings

It has been a busy few weeks: lots happening, people coming and going from the farm, the lake, the city, my dad's house.  I can't begin to keep up with the writing for all of that and try to be creative and write some poems at the same time.  (Did I mention I am a grandma of 7 now?) I'll give it a shot here.

1.  Summer Farm Camp (didn't I write about this already?). It feels like I wrote this and added the pictures as well, but I can't find it.  I'll give you the condensed version. Top left: First aid class A: how to call 911 in an emergency. B: compression and tourniquets for bleeding. C: snake bite first aid including how to apply band aids (the cure-all for almost everything with kids). Which leads us into picture at top right; snake hunt. Actually, this snake was snagged in the front yard, after a wild chase and much digging through the ground cover and some "snake netting" (let those who grew up on the farm understand).  Then we took him to the pasture for measuring (Black Rat..62"), photos and release.  We then had an honest to goodness snake hunt up there but didn't find much more than a toad, a lizard (casualty, sadly) and some snake skins. We fed the lizard to the giant snake we had released. He loved it.  

 Bottom left photo is Ro and Ev all garbed up for the hunt, wearing their camp shirts. Bottom right photo is Z and M during archery practice later in the day, after the sun had cooled its jets a little. 
      If I'm completely honest, it was too ****n hot on Saturday to enjoy much of anything outside unless you stayed firmly in the shade, and even then it was a stretch. There was not a breath of wind and it was in the 90s.  We played some card games inside, watched parts of a movie, ventured out onto the porch and did some serious bike riding after Able fixed his old bike so there were three for the three big kids.  They set up the ramp and worked on their 'getting some air' off the bricks.  Zach is working on another walking stick in that bottom right pic..


The babies were in attendance, but did not earn their camp shirt by taking any of the break-out sessions. They did join in the fun at the cookout, seen here on the Hannah Blanket.  Miss Alice is fairly mobile now and made her way over to have words with little T. They were holding hands at one point. (How cute is that!) 
....Okay, the computer and I are fighting and it is holding some pictures hostage but so far is making no demands regarding their release.  What is a person to do? It is making me a little bit crzy...crizzy...cra cra...I'M GOING NUTS. So....here is a lovely picture of Audra and her boys instead.

Needless to say, there are two or three more pictures I would love to let you see, BUT, we are going on to something else.

We went to see the movie Wonder Woman this afternoon...(after I moved half of the south couple of acres of Johnson Grass and felt like wonder woman myself).  I thought the movie was tons of fun and the woman was truly a wonder and didn't let any man push her around, thank you very much. The one she fell for (the cute American, obviously) was adorable and 'nicely put together'.                                                                  I am breaking my self of the habit of having to have popcorn at the show. It makes me feel yucky later and I don't need it. Today I did not buy any popcorn, or anything for that matter. Yay!!  Here is a pic of Abbey's kiddos in the prayer garden in dapply light. When will we ever learn not to take pictures in dapples? It messes up the light in weird ways.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Last Friday I had R and Z out by themselves for a day of fun at the farm. Here is the picture of Ro after he rode his little bike up and down the driveway, across the big bridge and over to the church and back on the first day to ride it without training wheels. He's a natural. I never say anything like it in my life. 

      When we were on our way out to the farm, we stopped by this break-your-heart-gorgeous field of nearly ripe wheat for a photo op and some lessons on shelling the wheat out into your hand and chewing it to see if it was ready to harvest and then using the kernels of wheat to make gum. I love this picture and am so sad their grandfather isn't here to see it, and them and all their cousins as well.  Let's believe he is watching over all of them from whatever life comes after this one.  Happy Harvest!

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