"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Soltice

Butterfly Bush is hosting the Summer Bee Convention this week, lots of colors and sizes of the industrious little buzzers busily having their adverbial way with those purple blossoms. I don't notice any animosity between the types of bees, but I might not recognize it if I saw it.  None of them pay me much mind, unless I step too close. They quickly give way to me; it is a large bush, everyone is welcome.
    I have three hummingbird feeders hung along the porch above the bush, and I have two pair of Hummingbirds. Three feeders and four tiny, bejeweled hummers.  One would think there would be plenty of sugar water to go around, but that is not the case. These wee birds require so much energy to simply stay in flight and yet they waste it by fighting all the time, with everyone. They don't like the cats hanging around on the porch and they aren't too happy about me hanging around there either.  Wow, they're not just territorial, they are  TERRITORIAL!  I'm not sure why they are this way, all 'up in everyone's grill', but they need to get over themselves.
     I mean, there is an entire Butterfly Bush down below their feeders, housing a host of bees getting along in the nicest way all day long, buzzing and sipping, buzzing and sipping.  The Hummers should take a lesson. (Who DO they think they are? Yes dears, we all see your shimmering green coats and those scarlet throats. So? You are not of more worth that the bees, in case you were thinking otherwise.)  Why can't we all just get along?
    Oh well, there is much happening in the gardens this week: ripe tomatoes, yellow squash, new potatoes, dill. The Marigolds are blooming to beat the band, bringing light to some dark corners. The fountain is fighting me a little, but I'll figure it out soon enough.  We have lost my mother's beautiful rose bush, sadly.  It happened all at once, as it often does with roses.  It was glorious and then, all of a sudden, it was gone.  It breaks my heart. I've posted many pictures of these lovely pink roses for you over the years.  I won't pull it out yet; I'll treat and trim and see what happens.
      There is a lot of haranguing coming out of Washington these days. I'm hoping the more intelligent and honorable of the group can talk some sense into the others and, if that isn't possible, hold them accountable for some of the idiot moves that are being proposed. This healthcare thing: I hope it isn't true that a lot of folks with pre-existing conditions are going to left out in the cold.  I hope not, I hope congress isn't that mean-spirited and petty, but you never know. (And, by the way, pregnancy is not a pre-existing condition...I'm just throwing that out there.) It bothers me that there were no women in that secret group who sequestered themselves and came up with the health plan.  Were they afraid the women might raise some awkward questions?  Who knows.  Oh well--
     I like the community in my gardens, everything working together, shading, nourishing, blooming side by side.  Yes, there is that tenacious little vine that wants to choke out everything else, to its own benefit, but we have a nice system of checks and balances out there.  The other plants let the vine climb up into the sunlight, bullying everyone else around, stepping on toes and the like, and then I can see what it's up to and I unceremoniously jerk it out of there. If you give someone enough rope, sometimes they will hang themselves with it.  We'll see what happens. That is all the time I'm giving to the politicians. I'll heading outdoors to enjoy the beauty.

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