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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

An Update About Surrender

     The gardens have been swaggering away with all the victory laurels for the past couple of weeks.  I go out in the mornings and pull weeds, clip vines, spread mulch, carry stuff to the compost pile every day, wearing myself to an absolute nub, but still the jungle seems to encroach.  I'm trying, God knows I'm trying, but Nature advances on every front and we are definitely "out-gunned, out-manned, out-numbered, out-planned", as GW says in Hamilton. Remember me taking the entire east side of the house out of the gardening plan last Fall in an effort to win some easy victories for the home team?  Yeah,  that worked really well until about a week ago, when the temperatures rocked up over 100 and sat there for days.  When that happens, Johnson Grass (a plant native to Africa), jumps out of the gate with a vengeance and all the perennials take a step back to catch their breath.  The east side of the house looks like a jungle again, despite all the cardboard and heavy mulch.
     Two trees have fallen, one in Maggie's Wood (the old Apple tree, sorry Able) and one in the Earth Circle (the 15' tall Hackberry).  The lawn mower is in for repairs and the grass is completely out of control so it looks as if no one lives here once again.  The north side of the house is overgrown with wild grape vines, ground cover and baby Elm trees. The Whing-Ding miniature rose has been completely overgrown by the ground cover. I'm not really sure where it is, but I remember the general vicinity where it should be.
     Also...the old Grandfather Elm that has sheltered the Blakley homestead since the beginning (over a hundred years ago) has died. (Let's take a moment.)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~'Tis true, alas.  I have contacted a man to cut the branches off above the tree-house level. He and his crew are also going to clean out all the flowerbeds and mow the yard, Maggie's Wood and the open acre to the south for me.
      They are taking me back to square one where I will, possibly, have a fighting chance again.  (And they said they would be glad to come out and do the mowing anytime I ask them to.  Thank you very much. : )
       I decided not to work myself into an early grave this year.  I also didn't want to have my kids and their spouses have to work their tails off every time they come out to the farm.  I paid for labor, trickling down some of the money from the oil companies to those who needed a job and a paycheck. "Immigrants, we get the job done." (another Hamilton quote) Yep, that's me, a job-creator; it's the American Way. That is why I am inside chatting with you guys instead of sweating to death outside in 102 degree heat.
    Let's see, what else.....?  Oh, something flew out from underneath the car in front of me two days ago while I was driving home from the city.  I, of course, ran over it immediately, and now have a slow leak on front and back tires on the driver side of my car. Life.  Discount Tire, here I come.
    The Locusts are Hrrizzing away in the Cottonwoods and little green and brown lizards slither across the bricks in the prayer garden, heading for their morning drinks beside the three bowled fountain. The red Geranium blooms quietly there beside the succulents. That fountain taught me a lesson the other morning, something I'll share with you in tomorrow's post.  It's nice to stop and listen now and then,
so wisdom has a chance to whisper in your ear.  

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