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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hamilton Revisited

It had finally arrived: the day I would fly to Chicago to go see Hamilton for the second time. I went with Abbey again, thus officially making it a family tradition. For the record, I would be tickled pink to go see it with anyone, but I'm glad it was Abbey and I this time, since this was our first time to see a production that was not the original cast. There were lots of differences in interpretation, voice, energy, and since she and I are so incredibly wedded to the original cast, there were some mental adjustments to be made; but we loved it, and had bought into the new cast by the end.  Then we ran out into the streets and called for rides to two different airports. Craziness ensued and the last time I saw her she was running down the street, holding her phone in the air, trying to catch her Lyft car.  I was doing the same on my side of the street. Hysterical, but not the best way to end a get-together. Next time I'll spring for supper and an extra night on the town, so we can discuss and relax a little.

     Here is a picture of Abbey in her Hamilton shirt, I wore mine when I was wandering the streets of Chicago, trying to find Optimo Hats (as you can see above, I was successful). Now I need to get to San Fran one of these days to complete the Ham Across America tour. Anyone want to go with? 
     Abbey made it home later that night but, sadly, I did not. I spent a lot of time sitting around in the Midway airport and then had a wild ride through a thunderstorm on my way to St. Louis, where I missed my connection and bedded down in a motel for the night.  Let me say this: being stuck in airports and scrambling for lodging and connections is a lot more fun when you are with someone else. 
     I did make it home the next day, had a day to rest up and then we were off and running for the Fourth of July week-end at the lake (another long-standing family tradition).  But that is another wonderful tale to tell. 
     While I was in Chicago, I also saw the Nature Museum up on Lakeshore Drive. In the middle of the city I managed to find a spot of wildness..AND a butterfly house.  I went in early and was the only one in the room, except for the guide, who turned out to be very, very knowledgeable on all things butterfly-house. Oh! I also got to experience some of Jarret's fantastic gourmet popcorn (thanks Abbey). Oh my.  

Summary: Hamiltour continues and I can't wait to go again. It never gets old. Chicago is a bizarre and exciting place that is full of surprises and mind-bending architecture. I love getting to spend one-on-one time with my Abbey, something that doesn't happen very often here in the Sooner State.

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