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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Road Trip

     Mr. Jangle took a trip through NW Arkansas with Marsha and I last week.  At least it was shady over there, even though it was still a hundred degrees most of the time.  We looped up through the SE corner of Kansas first, to visit some friends, and then headed down to Bentonville to visit the gorgeous Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  (One of the things I had wanted to see there was the original bust of A.Ham which we heard about when we visited his home on our trip to NYC last year, but, sadly, I forgot to look for it once we got inside. Drat.)
     I was distracted by the tour of the Dale Chihuly blown glass in the forest. We rode the little tram through the trees to avoid the heat exhaustion this time.  Wow.

     If you are over in that area, I strongly encourage you to stop in and see some beautiful art and wondrous architecture. However, the very first thing you see, upon stepping out of the elevator from the parking garage, is a gigantic iron sculpture of a spider (as tall as the building and not Chihuly, of course) and you know how I am about spiders.  Right, not the best way to start the tour. Ugh.
     We stopped at a couple of rivers and tossed in some rocks, like you do.  Then we went in search of Camp Noark, a Girl Scout camp where Marsha had worked when she was in college.  It was a ways out there (giving me time to get some lessons on how to properly drive the curves in Arkansas) but we did finally find it and they were having camp, right then.! Archery under the oaks with a bunch of 11 year old girls, all wearing their camp name badges made of twig slices.  It took me back to my camp days.  (But, good Lord! it was hotter than blue blazes out there. I nearly died and had to get back into the car to cool off.) Marsha had a great time remembering when, telling tales, and visiting sites she remembered.  There have been a lot of non-smiling days for that one, but she was definitely smiling that day.
      We also had a chance to meet up with my friend Lisa again for supper. (You remember Lisa: we went to Branson right after Christmas for a visit and to see her family cabin.)  No pictures of the three of us however, as we met in a basement bar and were decades older than anyone else in the room. Hmmm....I think she got that recommendation from someone much younger than us.  We could barely hear to have conversation.  Regardless, it was great to see her and give her a hug or two.
        Then we headed back home via Tulsa so I would be here to get right back in the car and drive up to Wichita to talk books with Brenda....and Jangle. He's such good company on a road trip: doesn't talk all the time or try to monopolize the music choices.

          Before we left for Arkansas, we had been deep into freezing peaches, as the tree was loaded this year. Since I had forgotten to spray at the appropriate times last Spring, they required a lot of trimming and I know we composted more than we put in the freezer. Oh well, the price you pay for not paying attention to spraying times. We have had one more picking since we got back home but that's it for me. I'm done. I'm leaving the last ones, at the top, for the birds. No Dad, I still haven't seen any Orioles. Ridiculous.


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