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Monday, July 10, 2017

This Little Cabin On The Prairie

 Sometimes I post pictures up here and then think: Why am I doing this? We were all there. And then I remember we were not all there. Some of us were there and others were not.  I remember the reason I started this blog in the first place: to share the moments of our life here, in Oklahoma, with all of our family and friends who live elsewhere. We are scattered from sea to shining sea and once in a while groups drift back to this little cabin on the lake and share a day or two talking and swimming and being together.
       This is not a fancy cabin, it is a simple, family cabin, but it sleeps a lot of people now, and there is clean, hot water for bathing and cooking, due to a lot of work that has been done on the water system this year by those of us who live in-state.
     This summer there have been some of us out there almost every week-end and it has been delightful.  Everyone brings food or ice or ...whatever they feel like bringing. Every once in a while someone replenishes the toilet paper supply.  Everyone helps clean up, mow, and haul away the trash. Like I said, it's a family cabin and everyone pitches in.

       My brothers, sister and I have been going out to that lake since 1961 or so, I think I was about nine when we first went out. We didn't have this cabin then; we used a trailer that belonged to someone else and tip-toed through the sandburrs to an A-frame nearby to play with the neighbor kids, friends of ours from town.  There was only one little wooden cabin across the lake from us then and the rest of it was wild and wonderful.  We grew up out there, playing alligator in the shallows, and then our kids grew up there as well, sharing happy summer days with each other. Now our grandkids come out and play together, running off the end of the dock to show off their best cannonballs, or fishing for perch and bass in the shallows, or paddling that same old pink paddle-boat around the edges, chatting and trailing hands in the water.
       We continue to work on the sandburr situation with chemical as well as mechanical means.  We may not win the war but we are winning a skirmish or two now and then (thanks Able!).  But, NO! you still should not walk barefoot through the grass unless you've completely lost your mind.
    Sometimes there is homemade ice-cream, which always makes me think of my mom. Sometimes there is ice-cold watermelon and burgers off the grill. Always there are caramels in the yellow glass candy jar (in memory of Mom), and drops in the ears after swimming...when we remember.

     Below: Kari and Abbey's Brendan (aka: the Butterfly champion from the swim team) getting out of the heat for a while on the famous cabin couch (the only safe place to sit when your suit is wet and you plan on going back out soon.)

     Last week-end, my sister and some friends of Audie and Zach came out for a swim, some good food and time in the quiet at lakeside.  Often, when we are out there, people drive back into Okeene to spend some quiet time being with Great Grandpa Dotter. Last week-end Zane and Maggie went upstairs with Ann and dug through the cedar chest.  They found my dad's USMC jacket and coat and did a march through the kitchen for us, complete with the stars and stripes and salutes all around.  There were stories to be told and listened to, and gifts given.
     Good times: that is what this little cabin on the lake affords us; good times with these people who are woven into the heart of us. I love it. Thanks for everything, Dad. This is all because of you and Mom and the love you shared with each other and with all of us.  Know that we know that and are forever grateful. May it continue to bless.

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