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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

All The News That's Fit To Print

   Here are my honeys, my darling grandkids who bring so much joy to my days.They are each so different, unique in their own personalities and gifts as well as in their relationships with me.  We have had a busy summer and soon (next week) school will start and our times together will shift back to the school routines. This summer we were together at the lake quite a few times, taking it easy and playing in the water. I made it to a few swim meets and cheered on Maggie and Brendan in their races, M for the neighborhood team and B for that team and also his city team in the long courses.
     I sat and cheered for Zaneyboy for a few fast and furious games of t-ball early in the summer. I hear the teams are starting up agains soon, for the Fall season. This time Rowan will be on a team too and he is soooo excited.  It should be hilarious, as usual.  Z moves up to coach-pitch ball, which I think he will like much better. Miss Maggie is fully into horseback riding now and for her birthday I gave her four extra lessons so she can ride twice a week for her birthday month. What could be better? (Well, in all honesty, it would be better if I owned an acreage outside of Edmond, one that had a stable, a corral, and a horse and tack. That would be better. I don't see that happening at the moment though. I would need another oil well for that one to come true.)
      Everett may start back in gymnastics, which he really likes to do and has the skill for. He has been tumbling and flipping over things since he could stand up and is very strong for such a little guy.  The Richards have a new (large) puppy, a Golden Labradoodle (?),  so all of the kids are busy loving on and caring for Moose.  Moose seems to think Everett is one of his litter-mates, since they are about the same size. It's hysterical to us but a little disconcerting to Ev I think.
    In sad news, I had to have the old elm tree topped because it had died and bits were falling on everyone below.  We cut it a little above the height of the tree house and it makes me sad every time I go outside.  But the treehouse is fine, as demonstrated by Emily Moody's boys having a blast in it last evening when they came over to visit while their older brother mowed my lawn. Yes! I asked and Cody was delighted to agree to be my lawn boy. He did a fantastic job and is a very hard worker and soooo polite. He may save my life by doing the hard and hot jobs outside for me.


In the biggest news of the week, Little Miss Alice had her baptism last week-end at Christ The King Catholic Church in OKC and was perfectly behaved through the entire thing, including the pictures.  Kari's mom made the little baptism gown and cap, using the fabric from her wedding gown and it was gorgeous. (I admit, I have taken my wedding gown out and looked at it, intending to do this very thing, but have never been able to pull the trigger on it.  It remains folded in the cedar chest.
      Truth be told, I don't trust myself to do a good job of it. Maybe I'll take it over to cousin Patricia and see if she would like to do the deed for me. She is a whiz at sewing these little gowns and has made several for her many grandkids, I believe.)

All of Alice's family, on both sides, were there so she got to be in her first "all cousins" picture. Which, by the way, we have never been able to accomplish with the Dotter grandkids. At these ages it was a bit of a rowdy-dow and I am happy to say that both babies survived the photo shoot intact. I love this picture and know that it will be even more fun to look at ten years from now. I hope we can recreate it at some point before they all graduate and scatter to the four winds.
      We had a nice reception with a strawberry cake, baked by one of our employees from the spice shop, who also has her own baking business. There were also fresh veggies and our traditional pink frozen punch, which we have for every event. There were presents, conversations, and catching up on the news all around; our two families not having many occasions to get together very often. Both babies were well past nap-time by the time it was all over but seemed to weather it in good spirits.
   This is one of my favorite pictures of the day, all the boys spinning together at the reception. I guess that was the whole game, I don't know, but it was so cute to hear them all laughing, getting dizzy and falling down. Invented games are always to best, I think.


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